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Autism Awareness Pendant Line Launch!

Watch a promotional video clip I did for the upcoming 2nd Annual Greater Victoria Autism Resource Fair on May 5th 2012 from 10AM-3:30PM. I was so nervous!

Click here for an amazing example of how freely my pendants spin!



“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree!”

Christmas is quite literally right around the corner and I have added new pendants to my online store just in time! Take a moment to look at them and consider giving a gift this year that is one-of-a-kind and will be cherished forever.

Also, short video clips of Resonated Rocks’ Signature Swivels in action can be seen by Clicking HERE!

May you be richly blessed…and richly bless someone!

I like to give credit where credit is due. And giving credit to my Web/Marketing/Social Media Expert is long overdue! My website, Facebook page, online Etsy store, My logo, Business Cards…basically EVERY aspect of my business except making the actual pendants, has been expertly and professionally made by bakroots creative *.
When I say everything, I do mean everything! Right down to the wonderful pendant collages in my posts here. I have received impeccable service, invaluable advice and cannot recommend their services highly enough!

Commissioned Rock Pendants in Full Swing!!

Seeing as almost all of Resonated Rock Pendants are securely attached to a signature swivel, the title seemed fitting. I realize it’s only a matter of time before other people in this industry copy my swivel idea,(<–click me to see!) because it is a really really cool feature, but I’m not looking forward to that happening. It’s one of the things that sets my work apart. Being able to see all sides of your one-of-a-kind piece is unique and fun to play with too!

Lately I have had the pleasure of commissioned work which has been very exciting! I thought I would post some before and after pictures of the pieces I have done for people. You too can find a rock you like or means something to you and have it made into a beautiful, wearable, work of art!

If you are looking for a completely different gift for someone (or yourself!) that will be cherished forever, please check out my online store and give the gift that heirlooms are created from!

Click on any picture to enlarge

Resonated Rock Grand Opening!

So. Enough about you, let’s talk about me!  Seriously though……

I want to take a moment to tell you something I am so excited about!  I have launched my online artisan jewelry boutique called Resonated Rock. It is up and running and officially open for business!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what I do, I will briefly explain…

I’ve spent years combing the beaches of southern Vancouver Island selecting unique rocks and skillfully refining old-world lapidary techniques in my home-based studio. The labour intensive process is started by hand sculpting and shaping rocks and turning them into pendants. This is followed by a meticulous polishing process which brings out an almost glass-like finish that captivates the eye. After carefully drilling into the rock and attaching the appropriate finding, it is ready to wear for any occasion.

Hours upon hours of work go into each piece, and the quality is impeccable.