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A Lucky Wife!

Someone’s wife is a very lucky lady! Her husband took note (and my business card) when she pointed out this heart shaped Pink Granite with Quartz Crystals hand-sculpted pendant! He sneakily bought it for her birthday! How romantic!

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Stunning Dallasite

I polished a piece of #vancouverisland #dallasite today. What a beautiful rock that is only found here! #lapidary #ilovemyjob

Named after Dallas Rd in Victoria where it was discovered, you can read about Dallasite from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, see beautiful examples of it and what it is made of on this BC Rockhound blog.

Peroxide Bubble Bath!

Peroxide eating some black crud off a rock. Turn your sound on. Kinda neat hey? #lapidary #trick #worksmarternotharder #bubbles


While trying to come up with ideas to hide the bunched up chain cluttering these beautiful commissioned pendants, I came across some old cardstock that I can’t use because of an outdated address and phone number. I think they turned out well and it felt good not throwing the old cardstock out!

I’m looking forward to packaging them all up!

#upcycling #cardstock #reuse #recycle #reducewaste

A Grandmother Shows Autism Support

IMG_9239Sometimes a customers story really touches your heart. This stunning pendant is on its way to a 15 year old who is coming to terms with being on the #autism #spectrum with the support of his amazing grandmother who lovingly wanted to reinforce the fact that, as she said “It’s OK to be different. Hard…but OK.” I hope he loves it as much as I loved making it and I think she made a wonderful choice! What an honour to be a part of something so special!

I had a hard time capturing how stunning this rock is. It is so much more beautiful in person! #autismawareness #autismawarenessmonthIMG_9235



Surf’s Up Dude!

I love listening to podcasts on my Today I enjoyed with while I shaped B.C. for my new rock pendant line. 




New Surfboard Rock Pendant Line will be for sale soon! Stay tuned! 

Stunning Slabs!

In my very humble opinion, my #rockhounding eye is so good, it’s almost #embarrassing 😆 #vancouverisland has beautiful #rocks ! #ilovemyjob


#lapidary version of dueling pianos. Music to my ears! Just kidding, unlike my neighbours, I wear ear defenders and can barely hear a thing! 😆🙉 0qsLQBLpSh2qhycgbc2nBw

#ilovemyjob #rocks #sorrynotsorry


No two people on the #autism spectrum are the same. Neither are my handmade #autismawareness puzzle pendants I make from the rocks I find on Vancouver Island’s beautiful beaches! I have over 100 of these beauties not listed on my online #etsystore 😳Somebody come take all my pictures and do the write-ups for me! 😆#photographyishard #ijustwanttocreateimg_6314img_6295

Email me at and we can work together to find the one that’s perfect for you!

Victoria Autism Expo 2018


The BEST Fidget Spinner Ever! <== Click to see a video I took of my son using his Autism Awareness Pendant as a fidget spinner that has stopped him from biting his nails! I actually noticed that his nails need clipped again! This is the only fidget spinner that hasn’t been lost, stolen or broken and has sparked many conversations!

I was so excited to be asked to return to the Victoria Autism Expo! It’s a great event and there are even more vendors and businesses registered this year! And it’s a full day! 9-5! Aaaaaand IT’S FREEEEEEE! The workshops sound so fantastic that I almost wish I wasn’t a vendor so I could go to them!

I have a huge inventory of #AutismAwareness pendants that are not posted to my online store yet that I have been saving for this event! Please come check out the Expo and choose the PERFECT fidget spinner for $10 off at the event on Saturday!

Don’t forget that all my rocks are found on the beaches of beautiful Vancouver Island!