Autism Awareness Pendants are ready to ‘spin’!

I know the quality of the photos aren’t up to my regular standards, but I figured, just take some pictures and get them online already! So please visit my Etsy store (it’s that gift wrapped box in the right hand column–>) where you can take a look at the ones I have uploaded. They are in a section called ‘Autism Awareness Pendants’. I have a ton more to take pictures of…about 25 more ready to be polished and even more ready to be shaped. It’s all very labour intensive, but I absolutely LOVE my job!

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I am so pleased with how they have all turned out. It’s a completely different line than my regular pendants and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating them…from scratch…out of rocks…cut into slabs…pre-shaped with a tile cutter…shaped with my dremel using a diamond tipped bit…and then polishing them. Lovingly.Image

If you have a special rock that you would love to see as a pendant spinning freely on a swivel that you will wear with pride, please don’t forget that I also do commissioned work! That rock in a bowl on your coffee table that you picked up on a beach years ago can be sooooo much more than that! Why not remember that day, or moment, or vacation when you look in the mirror, or when your hand unknowlingly reaches down out of habit and gives it a little spin, or every time someone compliments you on it? And believe me. There will be compliments.

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