About the Artist

Cher on the beach

Victoria based artist, Cher Sherwood, is undeniably one of Vancouver Island’s best kept secrets.  For a number of years she has focused her attention toward building a beautiful collection of finely hand crafted pieces which display her unique lapidary skills.

Each stone, which has been found along the shores of Britsh Columbia, is skillfully selected.  Cher has a particular talent for seeing the beauty and contour in each stone to compliment her artistic vision.  Hours of hand sculpting and polishing go into each piece bringing old world artisan technique to modern design.

Cher in the Studio

“I really don’t find the rocks… they find me.”

These designs are hand sculpted in Cher’s home-based studio and, as of late, have become in demand around the Greater Victoria area.  Her one-of-a-kind pieces are not restricted to pendants or jewelry and can be commissioned upon request.

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