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A Lucky Wife!

Someone’s wife is a very lucky lady! Her husband took note (and my business card) when she pointed out this heart shaped Pink Granite with Quartz Crystals hand-sculpted pendant! He sneakily bought it for her birthday! How romantic!

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While trying to come up with ideas to hide the bunched up chain cluttering these beautiful commissioned pendants, I came across some old cardstock that I can’t use because of an outdated address and phone number. I think they turned out well and it felt good not throwing the old cardstock out!

I’m looking forward to packaging them all up!

#upcycling #cardstock #reuse #recycle #reducewaste

Surf’s Up Dude!

I love listening to podcasts on my Today I enjoyed with while I shaped B.C. for my new rock pendant line. 




New Surfboard Rock Pendant Line will be for sale soon! Stay tuned! 

Let There Be Light!

I finally broke down and bought an actual light-box! So stoked!
Also, I’m pleased to announce that my online store now accepts Credit Cards, Etsy Gift Cards as well as PayPal!
Let There BE Light!